Hi! I’m Zenobia – Zee for short. Welcome to my little space on the web.


Tea / chocolate / cat snuggles / all of the above. I’m not even kidding. On the more serious side, though, I want a world where people can really, truly do what they desire. In my mind, there is no reason why every child should not have the opportunity to grow into a healthy, confident adult. As a global population, we have the tools to make this world happen, and it starts with simple acts of kindness.


It’s a collection of my reflections as a writer, teacher, and human being. I blog a lot about my journey as an independent writer, including planning, goal-setting, and marketing. I also blog about my journey through depression and anxiety issues, and a little about education, especially as it pertains to New Zealand.


Officially, I’m a writer and a teacher. I like helping people, and inspiring them to realise what an awesome person they really are. I work on my fiction writing business part-time, and tutor maths and English from years 2-12 for the other part of the time. In other arts, I paint in an abstract expressionist style, and I’m involved with the film and media industries. I enjoy yoga and walking, and am always trying to learn more about how humans work.


The best way to contact me is to email: zeesouthcombe@gmail.com


For Zee’s author bio, please click here.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Good day!
    It’s nearing the noon hour here in GP, Or,USA. Are you into sailing at sall. I know darn well Kiwi’s love that element. There are sailing stories in the book I am well aware of the Kiwi ply for The Cup.

    Great! All I need is an email address but if you have another way for me to sent it as an attachment then I’ll send it. The book is 180.3-K words


    • I’ve never sailed before but it’s something I really want to try! Yup, we’re pretty good with the outdoorsy stuff.

      It’s seven in the morning here. I finally managed not to sleep in! :D

      Have sent you my email via Google+


      • Hi Zee!
        How do you feel about reading a memoir? A lengthy one at that?
        I’d love you to read it. I can send it to you as an attachment over the net…
        for free of course. It’s action packed and reads like as novel. Let me know.
        Go to my site and take a peek. brotherhoodeternal.com
        You will learn what it was like to be a smuggler during the love era of that 60’s.




        • Sounds pretty interesting to me! I might take a while to get up there if it’s a long read, so as long as you’re happy with that, send it through :)


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