Hi! I’m Zenobia – Zee for short. Welcome to my little space on the web.


Tea / chocolate / cat snuggles / all of the above. I’m not even kidding. On the more serious side, though, I want a world where people can really, truly do what they desire. In my mind, there is no reason why every child should not have the opportunity to grow into a healthy, confident person. As a global population, we have the tools to make this world happen, and it starts with simple acts of kindness, and working towards our own passions.


It’s a collection of my reflections as a writer, teacher, and human being. I blog a lot about my journey as an independent writer, including planning, goal-setting, and marketing. I also blog mental wellness, and the learning process, as I am also a teacher.


Officially, I’m a writer, artist, and teacher. I completed my Bachelor of Education a few years ago, and will be going on to do post-grad study in counselling. Essentially, I like helping people, and inspiring them to realise what an awesome person they really are. It’s important to me that we all know our dreams are achievable – if you want to be a doctor, you can; and if you want to be a dancer, you can do that, too!


The best way to contact me is to email: zeesouthcombe@gmail.com

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